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Living in the Spaces in Between 3D

Thank you so much for hanging around, for subscribing and reading my words. I’m so thrilled to share this journey with you. Here’s a gift I want you to have.

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Living in the Space Between: A Conversation About Tough Topics, Faith and the Jesus Way is a collection reflections on important topics that we as followers of Jesus are engaged in today. I hope it encourages and challenges you.

As a subscriber, this is my gift to you.

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8 Responses to “A Gift For You”

  1. Mark Silbernagel April 12, 2017 at 13:59 Reply

    Thanks for sharing the book, Tony!

  2. Thanks for this, Tony. See u at the Open Table!

  3. Hmmmm….

    “Minority is not dangerous”. Well – maybe in Portland – but the American evangelical has been ACTIVELY working in the most destructive manner in American politics since at least Reagan.

    This whole “post-Christian” thing – I don’t buy it. There is PLENTY of “christian/CINO” going on in America as seen by the latest POTUS – a serial adulterer, gloating over manipulating and abusing women, an inveterate liar – darkened in mind, child of disobedience and wrath and energized by the prince of the power of the air… Why??? Because of th harmless “Christian” minority …. and now nuclear peril because this moron can’t keep his mouth shut. I won’t even get into the 1 – 2 million men, woman and CHILDREN that died – many hideously at the hands of the US Military because of another CINO supported by this same “harmless Christian minority”….

    No – I don’t buy it – we are in the middle of the worst kind of evangelicalized America – an American which still includes the establishment of religion via RE Property tax exemptions for churches – thus requiring those in the community to make up for what the churches so neatly avoided paying. And an America where masses of evangelical are daily seeking to turn the church into a political action committee/PAC to establish their brand of evangelical sharia law and bring oppression and worse on the American people.

    No – evangelicalism is the most dangerous and destructive force in America today – and it is alive and very pathological.

    In the Lord Jesus Christ

    Greg Logan


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