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"ReThinking Church" Event on June 12th

You are all invited to a wonderful, one-night-only event called “ReThinking Church”. It will be a delightful time of conversation, epiphany, inspirational thinkers and practical church imaginings.  This is a time of belief in the ever-incarnating reality of the people of the Jesus-Way. Come to Warner Pacific College (2219 SE 68th Ave, Portland, OR), in […]

The New Parish has finally been released

Tim Soerens, Dwight J. Friesen and Paul Sparks (with the generous help of Intervarsity Press) have finally released their much anticipated book, “The New Parish.” Here is my endorsement of their book: “Awww parish… That allusive, magical and fragile vision of faith formation that lovingly engineers life around neighborly love.  In The New Parish, Paul, Tim and Dwight enflesh this ancient […]

Pope Francis Goes to Confession

I saw this story this morning and wanted to repost it here. In front of the congregation at St. Peter’s, Pope Francis surprised/shocked everyone when he kneeled publicly before a fellow priest and confessed his sins and received absolution. I watched this and immediately broke into tears. It was for me both a great act […]

My Interview on The Dove TV with Perry Atkinson and Patrick Doyle

Here is an interview I recently gave to Dove TV, on their daily talk show “Focus Today”. The interview begins with a bit of my story… spends some times discussing my experiences with Muslims in Albania… continues through my burn-out and recovery… Reed College… and finally some discussions of spiritual health, wholeness, freedom, authenticity and […]

7 Ways Christians Lie

Once everyone is settled in, they realize that this is not going to be a typical evangelism seminar. I ask the room a question, “How do we Christians lie … How do we lie when evangelizing?”

High Praise from Leadership Journal

As you may or may not know, I have been offering a monthly column to Leadership Journal’s online magazine. Two of those articles received special end of the year honors: “You’ve Done It Unto Me” appeared on two editorial “best of the year” lists for all Leadership Journal content. And a personal favorite, “Gay Marriage […]

A Moment to Think About Me

I am tired of loving others. It is exhausting. I am tired of “love thy neighbor.” I am tired of “these three: faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.” What about me? What about a little me-love? When I imagine me-love, I imagine a place that is all about me. This […]