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Why Do People Hate On Frank Schaeffer?

In yesterday’s episode of #OffTheHighway, Frank Schaeffer takes the time to explain how he can be “an atheist who believes in God.”  If you haven’t had a chance to listen, click over to the Off The Highway page to hear this thought-provoking 4 minute video. In my complex sphere of friends (and yes I am […]

A First Hand Journey to Ferguson, Entry #1

My name is Tony Kriz. I am white and living comfortably in Portland, Oregon. We are all pained to process the events in Ferguson, Missouri. So very many of us wish we could dial back the clock, but we can’t. We want to respond, to help… or at least be present… In response to these […]

The Movies that "Save" Us

I recently wrote a blog post talking about the profound impact that the movie “Good Will Hunting’ had on me in the most difficult year of my life.  I believe it is safe to say that GWH “saved” me in some very real ways: The post was surprisingly popular, so I thought I would throw […]

Women Leaders: The NBA and the Church

Anybody who knows me knows that I am an unapologetic Portland Trailblazers fan.  To that end, I am a regular reader of NBA news across the internet (in related news, if you ever had an extra ticket to a Blazer game and you want an enthusiastic companion, give me a call.) Today, as I do […]

In Memoriam: Richard Twiss

In Memoriam: Richard Twiss (Note: this was originally written with and for my Parish Collective family.) On Wednesday afternoon, February 6th, in the Washington Hilton Lobby, I snuck up behind Uncle Richard and, as is our tradition, I planted a wet kiss in the soft center of his left cheek.  He turned and burst into […]