Chicken Coop Made from Repurposed Materials

We needed a chicken coop for our new batch of chickens. Parts and materials can be surprisingly expensive for a project of this size. Instead we went to our neighborhood non-profit salvage company called The ReBuilding Center ( and found this discarded TV cabinet for just a few dollars. We flipped it upside down, put on a simple roof and chicken-focused improvements and Sha-Zam: Chicken Coop.


One Response to “Chicken Coop Made from Repurposed Materials”

  1. Rachel - girl - not dawg November 8, 2014 at 08:33 Reply

    Urban chickens? Reclaimed tv cabinet? Yet you mock my Jesus loving, woman hating, hipster brethren? You should come sit on the couch one of these years when I speak sacredly from the vintage music stand turned pulpit. You can even slurp your stumptown coffee in your choice of eclectic mugs while I whisper the sermon into a discreet headset! I’ll wear my heels and flash my Multnomah halo for my credentials. (To be clear: I didn’t watch your video, I’m just quick to pass judgement. Actually, your project looks pretty rad. I don’t really have a vendetta against Portland Chickeneers such as yourself, unless there are biligerent, loud mouthed roosters involved. My neighbor had one of those growing up. Not my favorite am greeting. Also, I appreciated our chat immensely. I’m all signed up to help at the next FCWC and my writing piece at AA was termed “powerful” the following day! I do talk a lot don’t I? In the infamous words of Peter Pan, “Girls talk too much.” I really do need a blog.)

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