Should Everyday People Visit Palestine’s Conflict w/ Jon Huckins

In today’s episode of #OffTheHighway, Jon Huckins explains his work as a global peacemaker.  I ask him to explain why everyday folk should visit global hotspots for the sake of local neighborhoods.  Jon is the co-director of the Global Immersion Project and author of Thin Places.
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2 Responses to “Should Everyday People Visit Palestine’s Conflict w/ Jon Huckins”

  1. Sunshine from the ‘other’ Mexico border (the Texas one). So encouraged for your life purpose. Let us continue to engage in Peacemaking.

    Dios les bendiga.


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    […] On yesterday’s episode of #OffTheHighway, dear friend and global servant, Jon Huckins, Director of The Global Immersion Project, shared a couple of minutes on the transformational example that the peacemakers of the Middle East are and need for all of humanity, those in the seats of power or the sticky seats of a station wagon, to witness their example. […]

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