William Paul Young Answers, “How is God Feminine?”

William Paul Young, author of “Cross Roads” and “The Shack” has dared to express God as female characters.  In this video, Young speaks about God and gender? #OffTheHighway Subscribe


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  1. Great video Tony! I had just two quick thoughts,… first, Paul mentioned “Ruach” (Spirit) as being feminine… as you and Paul know, Hebrew is not like English. Every noun has a gender ending whether it has physical gender or not. For instance, “city” and “hand” in Hebrew take the feminine endings but are not inherently feminine. For this reason, it is equally erroneous to argue “Elohim” is masculine because of the masculine plural ending. Second, concerning imagery, and specifically metaphors, it’s important with the latter to find the “tenor” or point of comparison. If Paul Young says God is a nursing mother, the “tenor” is not God is attentive like a mother, nor has breasts like a mother, but rather is caring/nurturing like a mother. With this particular metaphor from Isaiah 49:15, “nursing mother” it is a stretch to argue that the point of comparison is femininity. Unless, of course, Paul could argue that caring/nurturing is a distinctly feminine trait, and so God has certain feminine traits. I hope my boys would describe me as caring/nurturing to some degree. What do you think Tony?


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