Should the Church Chase the Culture?

IMG_1201I recently gave an on-air interview on The Dove TV.  We covered several topics including my newest book, ALOOF, and host, Perry Atkinson, seemed most enthusiastic to get to a conversation about the church and the surrounding culture.

Needless to say, I think Perry was a bit surprised by my answer.

To jump to the part of the interview where we discuss the church chasing the culture and the church differentiating herself from the culture, CLICK HERE.

What do you think?  In what ways should the church of Jesus resemble the surrounding culture?  In what ways does she mistakenly reflect surrounding society?  Add your thoughts to the comments below.

To watch the entire 25 minute interview, click here.

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2 Responses to “Should the Church Chase the Culture?”

  1. Should we in america continue wasting our resourses outside?Billions of dollars are going to the world,to never comeback because our government structure allows it .
    Chusches snding money all over the world under the so called supporting missions

  2. I couldn’t leave a comment on Christianity Today, so I thought I’d post it here. There are over hundreds of millions of Christians in the world, diverse, as you pointed out. But one thing to note is that we cannot all be in the same position in terms of doubts and fears. We are continually transitioning, if our spiritual growth is dynamic. Point being that the questions and doubts you have at point A may not be the same at point B. The bible says we are given different levels of faith. That’s how it is. I believe in the account of Noah’s ark, 10/10, even though I cannot fully explain it. Isaiah 40 is very humbling in that it shows that God’s workings and MO are not like ours and do not subscribe to our limited human thinking. You may think a Christian is lying because s/he firmly believes God is faithful and cannot disown himself, I believe that among the millions there are people who are in that happy place of belief. But faith is a gift – some have it in heaps – for the equipping of the saints, first and foremost, not for bragging rights.

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