The Church We Daydream About, Part 1: What We Don’t Care About

pilgrim-with-candlesWe (Aimee and Tony Kriz) are not church-goers. To be specific, currently, we do not regularly attend a brick-and-mortar church’s services or programs.

Not going to church is not our preference. We are very pro-church. We are proud of our individual stories, having been integral participants in numerous churches around the world. We are honored to have walked together with a Portland, Oregon church plant that grew into a model regional mega-church. We have supported and advised on dozens of new and transformational churches.

churchofnativityAnd, if there existed a neighborhood-church within walking distance of our house, we would passionately attend that church tomorrow.

It is because of our deep love of church (community, ceremony and mission) that we have this conversation at least once a week: What is our dream church? On this page, we want to take our weekly discussion public. We would like you to weigh in.

bethlehem_church_of_nativity_cave_of_birthHere are a disclaimer. We are not attempting to describe an “ideal” church, this conversation is more about preference and our evolving values as passionate Christ-followers living in the heart of one of America’s least Christian cities: Portland, Oregon.

Without further ado, here are THREE THINGS we are not that concerned about:

  1. We are not that concerned about denomination. One of us was raised Evangelical and the other in Mainline churches, but we are both fairly comfortable across the denominational spectrum.
  2. productmain_01largeWe are not that concerned about theological undergirding. We are not saying that we don’t care about theology. Quite the opposite. We are both seminary trained. We care very much about what we believe. It is just not important to us to be surrounded by people who believe just the way that we do. We are comfortable to be the “minority report” within our spiritual community.
  3. We are not that concerned about style and talent. We have sat under the most entertaining of church leaders and the most understated and we have found our souls equally enriched by either experience.

Stayed tuned for more details about our church daydreams including: “Our nine values” and “Grab bag characteristics”


6 Responses to “The Church We Daydream About, Part 1: What We Don’t Care About”

  1. My favorite part about this is that it says Part 1! Seriously! We spent over a decade ‘disconnected’ from a home church – while finding and being church in so many meaningful and powerful ways. Never, in a million years, would we have ever even considered planting a church ourselves because we didn’t have all the answers and we were not convinced that one more church was what was needed. However, here we are five weeks in and we are with you and Aimee… we’re just winging it and figuring it out as we go! I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Can’t wait for Part 2 – so far so good!

  3. I love this and too cannot wait for part 2. This is a question I have been asking myself, having not been to church in close to two years. I find for myself I am most impacted with the safety of vulnerability. I want to be with God when entering a group of individuals who claim the name of God. The presence of God, His blessing upon a union of individuals and communion with God, communing, not necessarily the sacred act of communion, with God.

  4. I appreciate you spelling this out….your hearts shine through.


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