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I Spoke at Yale University

Here is one of the events from my time at Yale a few weeks back.  In this event I get to share the stage with my friend Tom Krattfnmaker, as well as Chris Stedman and Matt Croasmun. Out topic:  “Following Jesus as a Secular Progressive?”  Enjoy.

Why Do We Listen?

Yesterday, in a great offering from #OffTheHighway guest, Jon Huckins, we were treated to a discussion on listening.  Not just listening but the presence and power of listening within a missional life in the neighborhood.  Priceless. Now, only the biggest of piss-pots is going to say that listening is bad.  Right?  What kind of a […]

Precious Lord Take My Hand

I saw the movie Selma on opening day with some friends.  It was a very emotional experience. It was an honor to sit and watch surrounded by my “neighbors” and their emotions were audible throughout the film. Just in the background, a couple of times, there was a song.  I don’t know where I know […]

#StayWokeAdent: A Guest Post by Micky Jones

(This is a guest post from my dear friend, Micky Jones. Please read and consider adding these mediations to your Advent.) Dear Friends, Advent is a time when sentimentality and spiritualization reigns. But, in more ancient forms of Christianity, Advent was more a season of penitence, not unlike Lent. Today, that call for repentance includes […]