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"Be @ Peace" Project

What does it mean to “Be @ Peace”? A geo-political definition of peace would simply be “not currently at war”. In fact wars end with “peace talks” or a “peace accord”. One day two nations are trying to wipe each other from the face of the earth and the next day they are at peace. […]

Dr. John Perkins Visits Reed College

One of my living heroes is Dr. John Perkins. The first time that I ever had a chance to be with this contemporary saint was many years ago, when he graciously accepted our invitation to speak to the students at Reed College. The following video tells just a bit of that beautiful story.

"LOST" Part 2

Is something lost simply because it is? Is it a matter of ontological definition that a lost-thing is just the sort of thing that is in fact “lost”? At its core, the lost-thing is simply displaced, isolated and alone. Lost is in fact an identity. Is it?

Who are the "Lost"? An Open Letter

I am thankful for my old friend Laura who rebuked me many years ago, in no uncertain terms, for referring to people as “lost”. “That word is condescending and insulting,” she stated in her ever-direct manner, “I am not lost. I know exactly where I am and I know exactly where I am going.”

Types of "faith"… Time to practice podcast

I recently gave the following talk at a conference that dealt with issues of faith communication in the 21st century. This conference was hosted by The Institute for the Theology of Culture, New Wine-New Wineskins ( Listen and consider how we orient ourselves toward faith, with a specific application to communicating with the other.