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Advantage: Heterogeneity

This morning I read this article over on the site “KelloggInsight”: It is based on research by Katherine W. Phillips, Katie A. Liljenquist and Margaret A. Neale The basic conclusion of the research is this: Heterogeneous groups have been found to be more honest and more astute in their group processing, leading to better results. “Though […]

My Interview on The Dove TV with Perry Atkinson and Patrick Doyle

Here is an interview I recently gave to Dove TV, on their daily talk show “Focus Today”. The interview begins with a bit of my story… spends some times discussing my experiences with Muslims in Albania… continues through my burn-out and recovery… Reed College… and finally some discussions of spiritual health, wholeness, freedom, authenticity and […]

Why I am Not a Universalist

I recently gave an interview where I was asked to plainly state what I believe. Among other things (trinitarian, Jesus followin’, Bible lovin’) I said that I am not a Universalist. Following the interview, Andrew asked me to clarify what I meant. He believed that my confidence that any person could be God’s voice to […]