Tony Kriz Hero Shot
Speaker, Writer, Thinker.
Neighborhood Theologian.
"Tony knows how to make space for people. Whether he was in a room of 20 or 2000 students, he naturally fostered an environment of authentic dialogue. He was a gift to our campus!"
Jason B. Robertson
Assistant Professor
School of Theology and Christian Ministry
Olivet Nazarene University

About Tony

Husband, Father, Neighbor, Communitarian, Portlander, Friend, Writer, Speaker, Provocateur.


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Humans: Integrated or Isolated?

I sit on the light-rail train traveling through my beloved Portland at rush hour. Every seat is occupied and half as many more stand. I glance around the jostling compartment at each face, dozens in total. Not one smile. Almost zero eye contact… the few that do quickly refocus twenty feet beyond me as if […]