BREAKING NEWS:  My new book, ALOOF, is going to be illustrated... and
YOU get a chance to be apart of making the illustrations happen.
Tonight we are starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of
illustrations for my new book.  We need your partnership to make this
happen.  Please enjoy the kickstarter project and then
consider how you want to participate...

Click here to view our Kickstarter campaign

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One thought on “Welcome

  1. Tony,

    Heard you on Steve Brown Etc and am big fan of Don Miller's writings. Looking forward to reading "neighbors and wise men". You mentioned on Steve's show that you had a learning disability. I was curious about that. My son is 13 and he has dixlexia. I'm always looking for successful people with his condition to hold up as champions as to why it can be done, not why it can't be done. Can you shed any light here? Thanks.

    Bill Edmonds
    Columbia SC