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On the Other Side of Christmas

Happy 6th day of Christmas everyone. I have been meditating this week on the “other side” of Christmas. When our foremothers and forefathers of the Christian faith designed the holy calendar, they made some opulent choices when it came to Christmas. Think about it. There are four weeks dedicated to Advent leading up to Christmas […]

Spiritual Friendship: Magi-Style

Christmas is near and the Nativity story hangs heavy in the air. In our home, Aimee builds a stone and driftwood creche above the fireplace.  In the scene sits an empty manger and a lone cow.  Around the room are placed the characters of Christmas.  The shepherds sit on a “hill” of books watching over […]

Do Advent Right This Year

Hey all.  Sunday is the start of Advent (I know, “Already?”) The mothers and fathers of our faith were kind and intentional in giving us this month-long slowing-practice of reflection.  When I say “slowing-practice”, what I mean is, these godly women and men looked into the future and knew the tendencies of humankind… our tendency […]