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Today Tickets Still Available

I am looking forward to a weekend at Open Table Conference ( I hope you can come and join me. I will get to join on stage some really great minds.  The most famous is William Paul Young, whose book/film, “The Shack” is still the conversation nationwide.  In fact, I gave an interview in Pittsburgh […]

Church, Give Back Tax Exemption: Missing the Point

Over the weekend the Oregonian published an article in which I suggest that the American Christian Church should consider giving back her tax exemption to heal one of society’s great wounds, like child hunger or health care. As of this morning, has received over 500 comments on the article and over 1800 shares on […]

Humans: Integrated or Isolated?

I sit on the light-rail train traveling through my beloved Portland at rush hour. Every seat is occupied and half as many more stand. I glance around the jostling compartment at each face, dozens in total. Not one smile. Almost zero eye contact… the few that do quickly refocus twenty feet beyond me as if […]

Video: Sacred Friendship is Like Enjoying a Sunset

There is no “my team” and “the other team.”  Sacred friendship means we meet one another on level ground…  we stand shoulder to shoulder, without hierarchies. It is very much like enjoying a sunset. Please watch this 25 minute talk on non-hierarchical sacred friendship from last week for my friends at Azusa Pacific University. Click […]

Angry Pastor, Angry Politician

Maintaining Personal Myth Through Irrational Loyalty For years we were baffled by the “Angry Pastor” phenomena. Little did we know, it may have been a foreshadow of an emerging national mania.  Download Free eBook Here and share it with your friends. Angry Pastor Three years ago I was asked to write an article on the […]

No Back Spaces: Drew Marshall Show Audio

One of my new themes in life is “No Back Spaces.”  It is a movement within my public life, to say what I think, the way I think it, with less regard for the political ramifications.  It is a change of orientation to not say things in a way that will speak to the “largest […]

Resurrecting a Theology of Alcohol

(Note: As you read this, would you consider helping me with some advice in the comments.  I am thinking about writing a book about a theology of alcohol, based in this article.  What advice would you give?  Thank you for reading.) God gave us alcohol to help us remember, not to help us forget. I […]