Radio Time: Messy Christmas and Bono’s Salvation

One of the many treats in my life is to share a monthly radio segment on WordFM in Pittsburgh during drive 3a7abdcc5b77a26ea8b95011cf94709btime on the John and Kathy Show.

This week the conversation was interesting enough to post it here for you.

This recording is two hours long.  My segment starts at 1:13.  Just hit play in the upper left corner and then click about 2/3 of the way through the podcast (along the bottom) to the 1:13 mark.

Bono_U2_360_Tour_2011To hear specific conversations, here is a guide:

Pets, spirituality and Eden starts at 1:14:43

The Other Side of Christmas  at 1:17

Is Bono a true Christian at 1:29:05

If you want to see the Bono video discussed in the interview CLICK HERE.

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