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Bad Pilgrim

I woke up this morning in the remote town of Samos. I stayed across from a gorgeous monastery: After some hours of wet morning walking I found myself in falling apart little town with mud streets that could be the set for a medieval horror movie (if such a film existed.) I followed the Camino […]


It takes me up to 30 minutes to prepare my feet each morning. Often I am sitting in the dark, surrounded by a dozen beds, whose inhabitants are in various states of consciousness. Each movement is slow and deliberate, releasing the smallest of sounds, I… inspect, clean, massage, prepare, trim, medicate, bandage, wrap, limit friction, […]


I’ve passed so, so many graveyards along the Camino… …as well as all the tombs in churches and the memorials to pilgrims who died along the Camino. That’s a lot of death to witness… and to process… My nephew, who died of cancer when he was only four, is my symbolic companion along the Way; […]

Following Jesus as a Secular Progressive w/ Tom Krattenmaker

This last year the Yale Center for Faith and Culture invited me to campus to discuss secularism and the Jesus-Way.  I had a chance to share the stage with thoughtful secularists like Tom Krattenmaker (author of The Evangelicals You Don’t Know) and Chris Stedman (author of Faitheist). There were many thrilling conversations and the experience as a […]

Video: “You Are Not Alone in Your Pain” @ Bridge City Church

This past weekend, I was invited to share at Bridge City Community Church ( in SE Portland. Here are the thoughts that I shared… The beginning of my public meditation was the unexplainable violence in Paris last week.  My out loud thoughts surfed through stories from my youth, the harmful limitations that church-speak perpetrates upon […]

Mark Scandrette Week

Well, in case you missed it, this week has been dedicated to the thoughts and imaginations of Mark Scandrette (, who is, among other things, the director of ReImagine ( Take a moment, if you haven’t already, to watch these episodes of off the highway.  We cover topics as diverse as imagination, innovation, experimentation and […]