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Yours Are the Hands… for Victor

This is Victor: I met him today on the Camino. I have not written about my many, many companions on the Way, but today, the day before I arrive in Santiago, I wanted you to meet Victor. Victor and his wife walked the Camino in 2013, just after she started her treatment for Ovarian Cancer. […]

Cross of Sorrow

I have been counting the miles to see what I saw today. I walked 13 miles and up almost 2000 ft and then I saw it: I had heard about the Cruz de Ferro (Iron Cross), I had prepared for it before I left and I had been looking for it all along the 500+ […]

Save a River, Heal a People

It is a story of good cheer.  It is a story of marginalized people in a forgotten corner of the world.  It is story of love overcoming power.  It is a story of those who tend to critters coming together with gift-giving travelers.  It is the story of a dream… a dream of a better […]

Spiritual Friendship: Magi-Style

Download Free eBook Here and share it with your friends. Christ’s visitors from the East show us the importance of spiritual “foreigners.” In the twelfth century, the English abbot Aelred of Rievaulx wrote the foundational treatise On Spiritual Friendship. Aelred made the case that one of the great practices of the Christian life is being […]

Why Do We Listen?

Yesterday, in a great offering from #OffTheHighway guest, Jon Huckins, we were treated to a discussion on listening.  Not just listening but the presence and power of listening within a missional life in the neighborhood.  Priceless. Now, only the biggest of piss-pots is going to say that listening is bad.  Right?  What kind of a […]

Helping Christians Understand LGBT Related Issues w/ Michael Kimpan: My Response

Today, in my beloved Portland, Oregon, the Gay Christian Network is hosting their annual conference #GCNConf, themed “Together at the Table.” Welcome GCN to Portland. In the spirit of neighborliness, on today’s #OffTheHighway episode, Michael Kimpan, the Executive Director of the Marin Foundation, offers a library of ideas and resources for those who care enough to better understand […]

New Article Makes Some Daring Claims About the Biblical Gospel

Just published in Christianity Today/Leadership Journal is a new article that explores the “Biblical” gospel-proclaimed. So often, when discussing the message of the gospel, Christians rely upon passages from the letters of the Apostle Paul (or others) and yet these letters are not even examples of Christians talking to non-Christians, they are instead Christians talking to […]