Save a River, Heal a People

It is a story of good cheer.  It is a story of marginalized people in a forgotten corner of the world.  It is story of love overcoming power.  It is a story of those who tend to critters coming together with gift-giving travelers.  It is the story of a dream… a dream of a better world.

As I write this, I see the Christmas tree across the room and my boys are planted in front of homemade ginger bread houses.  It is the perfect time of a year for a story about hope, about indigenous people, about enemies becoming friends… And about the largest ecological restoration project in human history.

That film is:

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 8.37.26 AM

You can see the film now on Netflix.  Click here:

I played a small role in the making of this film.

One essential related detail.  As you watch the film, you will witness the near miraculous coming together of disparate peoples:  Native People and Settlers, Fishermen and a Power Company, Salmon Eaters and Potato Easters, Government and the Forgotten, Protestors and Pacifists.  However…

Today, this unprecedented agreement, this earth-changing harmony amongst communities has been incubating for years and yet it risks being still-born.  In order to birth the healing of this river, it requires spoonful of midwifery from the Federal Government.  A spoonful they simply refuse to give.

To hear more about the tragic political reality, please read this piece by filmmaker, activist and former Oregon State Senator, Jason Atkinson.


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