Today Tickets Still Available

I am looking forward to a weekend at Open Table Conference (

I hope you can come and join me.

I will get to join on stage some really great minds.  The most famous is William Paul Young, whose book/film, “The Shack” is still the conversation nationwide.  In fact, I gave an interview in Pittsburgh this week on Word FM and “The Shack” was all the host wanted to talk to me about.  Amazing!

Also, if you can come (I know it is last minute), you will get a chance to hear from Dr. Baxter Krueger, John Mcmurray, Katie Skurja, Roger Newell, Brad Jersak and others.

The topics will range from spiritual devotion, trinitarian theology and faith integration in real life.  If you have the time, please join us for all/part of Open Table.

I have been particularly pained with planning my own remarks (I will be speaking on Saturday evening.)

I have been so engrossed in finishing my new and first novel.  I wrote the last scene just yesterday and I have to admit, I have been a bit obsessed.

My remarks will touch on some things I have learned through this writing process.

Also, I asked y’all a week ago for advice as I prepare for Open Table and I received this comment from Deborah:

Hi Tony, What speaks loudest to me is God’s comfort in failure/doubt. Fear of failure and self doubt are tremendously crippling human conditions. As a life coach it’s one of the most common subjects with my clients.

Deborah, I hear you and I will most certainly include some thoughts on doubt and failure.  I will share my own struggles and some thoughts on God’s character in response to my personal chaos.

Hope to see you this weekend.

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