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Hope and Food

Have we lost the way of hope? When I say “we”, I mean we “modern, affluent, developed, able, self-actualized” folk. When I say “way”, I mean a real, rooted, dirt under the fingernails, not merely ethereal or the sort of stuff simply for a Sunday-School discussion.

When a rain barrel is more than a rain barrel

Two years ago, during one of our first forays into urban homesteading, my Father’s Day present from Aimee was permission to install our first rain-barrel. It was a romantic thought to me. “Let’s not waste the water-from-heaven gift (even though we receive it some 300 plus days a year), let’s harvest it.”

"Envision" and "Ethnic Space"

I was honored to just sit near and under such thoughtful followers of the Jesus-Way like Randy Woodley, Soong-Chan Rah, Andrea Smith, Richard Twiss, Lisa Sharon Harper and Terry LeBlanc (to name a few). One of the “take-aways” from that time was being introduced to a new website called “EHTNIC SPACE” If you have […]

May 23rd- I am preaching at Piedmont Presbyterian

Sunday, May 23rd is Pentecost Sunday. This is the second of four weeks that Pastor Sarah asked me to cover the pulpit while she is on maternity leave. Pentecost is eternal celebration of that first dramatic conception of the “church”, after Jesus’ death and resurrection. The moment itself (Acts 2) is as shocking and explosive […]

Passing the Peace

This last Sunday (May 16th), I gave the homily at Piedmont Presbyterian Church, which is just a short bike ride from our home in North Portland. One of the liturgical readings this week was from John 17:20-26. Jesus says, “I pray that they may all be one; even as You, Father, are in ME and […]

On Village

(I would love to get your thoughts on this concept.  This is becoming so important that it is starting to organize everything else.) I have been a life-long church-goer. It is one of the tremendous gifts of my life. From a wooden pew I was taught that Jesus loves the whole world. It only makes […]

A Beat Poet…?

Everywhere I go, people know me as “Tony the Beat Poet” thanks to Don Miller’s bestselling books. Just last week I was sitting having lunch with a man who I had never met before, though had known of him for years and who you might recognize. Several times during the meal, while sharing the wonders […]