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Chicken Coop Made from Repurposed Materials

We needed a chicken coop for our new batch of chickens. Parts and materials can be surprisingly expensive for a project of this size. Instead we went to our neighborhood non-profit salvage company called The ReBuilding Center ( and found this discarded TV cabinet for just a few dollars. We flipped it upside down, put […]

One of My Favorite Funny Memories

I am teaching a class on preaching at Warner Pacific College this semester.  Actually, I call the class “Sacred Speech”.  It is a three hour night class. As a formative activity, last night we set up the room like a comedy club and every member of the 18 person class, had to get up front […]

My All-Time Top-50 Movies

Okay, in light of recent posts like, “The Movies that Save Us” and “A Cathartic Post about Good Will Hunting”, I was recently challenged to list my all-time favorite movies. I took that challenge and over 20 excruciating minutes was able to formulate this comprehensive list of 50 films.  Certain super-classics like the Kristy McNichol […]

What is Your All-Time Favorite TED Talk?

This fall, I took on a new challenge.  I am teaching a class on sacred communication. Okay, okay, the historical name of the class is “Preaching”, but in light of my audience, the current cultural stage and my hope that my students will become sacred communicators both when standing on a church stage AND any […]

The Movies that "Save" Us

I recently wrote a blog post talking about the profound impact that the movie “Good Will Hunting’ had on me in the most difficult year of my life.  I believe it is safe to say that GWH “saved” me in some very real ways: The post was surprisingly popular, so I thought I would throw […]

We Are Funded… Favorite Videos

Our recent Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded (and then some.)  We are very thankful. We raised money so that my next book, “Aloof: Figuring Out Life With a God Who Hides,” could include a series of illustrations by award-winning illustrator, Jonathan Case. In celebration of the successful completion of that campaign, here is a […]