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Why Wouldn’t I? (an Advent reflection)

 Download Free eBook Here and share it with your friends. A haunting question that burns bright at Advent. Ring. My friend Mark says, “There are some people who just get the call. That is just the way it is.” Ring. I picked it up. It was Peter. “Hey Tony, do you still have people stay […]

Option Two: Keep Tax Exemption & Draw Parish Boundaries

Over the weekend the Oregonian published an article in which I suggest that the American Christian Church should consider giving back her tax exemption to heal one of society’s great wounds, like child hunger or health care.  I wrote a follow up to that article here. The suggestion stirred some great discussion (2000 shares  and over 500 comments […]

Humans: Integrated or Isolated?

I sit on the light-rail train traveling through my beloved Portland at rush hour. Every seat is occupied and half as many more stand. I glance around the jostling compartment at each face, dozens in total. Not one smile. Almost zero eye contact… the few that do quickly refocus twenty feet beyond me as if […]

PDX Tiny Lofts: a proposal

An Affordable Housing Proposal from Tony Kriz A Uniquely Portland Solution to the Affordable Housing Crisis The Problem: Portland has grown by almost 30,000 households since the year 2000. The Housing Bureau says we need 24,000 new units to be built yesterday to meet the demand. This influx has caused an escalation of rents in […]

Save a River, Heal a People

It is a story of good cheer.  It is a story of marginalized people in a forgotten corner of the world.  It is story of love overcoming power.  It is a story of those who tend to critters coming together with gift-giving travelers.  It is the story of a dream… a dream of a better […]

SLOW CHURCH, an interview with John Pattison

I filmed this interview for a graduate level course I was teaching for Warner University in Florida.  The class was on innovation in ministry.  They read John’s book, “Slow Church,” and sent me questions for the author.  John was kind enough to give us some of his valuable time. John is, as always, delightful.  I […]