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The Cathartic Cathedral

If you have been around me very long, you have probably heard about my affection for the NPR show, RadioLab.  It contains masterful storytelling. Another thing you need to know about me… we lost our young nephew to cancer three years ago.  It seems that Ransom is never far from our minds.  We miss him. […]

Why Wouldn't I… A New Article at Leadership Journal

I write a monthly column for Christianity Today/Leadership Journal.  My December submission get’s pretty honest. To read the full article go here: Here is a short excerpt: Two days before Peter’s call, I taught my last class at a local college, a place I had grown to love. It was a preaching class—when his number […]

First Thoughts, Monday November 17th

This is an important monday.  There is a busy and important week ahead.  I guess every week is important, I am just more aware of the importance of this one. I feel anxious… unsure… tired. I am once again at my favorite early morning cafe in my neighborhood, same favorite booth with sparkly gold vinyl […]

Chicken Coop Made from Repurposed Materials

We needed a chicken coop for our new batch of chickens. Parts and materials can be surprisingly expensive for a project of this size. Instead we went to our neighborhood non-profit salvage company called The ReBuilding Center ( and found this discarded TV cabinet for just a few dollars. We flipped it upside down, put […]

Monday First Thoughts: Oct 20

Okay, so the Monday First Thoughts feature is off to a rousing start.  Okay, so I missed the second installment last week because I was in Missouri… Rats! So here are my first thoughts to start out this lovely week. First of all, autumn is here.  It is really beyond imagination.  It sneaks up on […]

Music Changed my Life

Mitchell Roush recently asked me, “What album has most transformed you?” As soon as he asked me, I immediately knew my answer. I wrote an article for Mitchell’s website, answering his question.  If you want to read it, you can find it here: Here is a hint:  

Monday First Thoughts

Okay, so here is a new feature.  Each Monday morning I am going to try and list some random observations from the weekend.  It is intended to be unorthodox, unpredictable and maybe even occasionally inspiring. Here you go. I had a chance to speak at the Good Samaritan Ministries banquet on Saturday.  It was very […]