Why Wouldn't I… A New Article at Leadership Journal

I write a monthly column for Christianity Today/Leadership Journal.  My December submission get’s pretty honest.

To read the full article go here: http://www.christianitytoday.com/le/2014/december-online-only/why-wouldnt-i.html?utm_content=buffer47ae9&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer&start=1

Here is a short excerpt:

Two days before Peter’s call, I taught my last class at a local college, a place I had grown to love. It was a preaching class—when his number was called, Nick stood to deliver his final sermon. Nick is an undergraduate, still finding his way around behind a pulpit. However there was one moment in his sermon that I won’t soon forget.

Nick was talking about people in need that he passes every day: “They may need a pair of shoes, or lunch, or maybe just a friendly conversation. It seems like when I notice a need, I have been programmed to ask myself, ‘Why would I help this person?’ I am starting to think that I should instead ask, ‘Why wouldn’t I?'”

I don’t think Nick realized his moment of preaching genius. It was one of those moments where eternity seemed to sink immediately into the soul.

Throughout the week, Nick’s phrase echoed inside my heart: Why wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t I?

I found myself thinking about Jesus. When Jesus had a chance to touch a leper, he didn’t ask, “Why would I?” Jesus thought, Why wouldn’t I?

When he learned the Samaritan’s woman’s village was near by, he said, “Why wouldn’t I?”

“If someone asks for my cloak … Why wouldn’t I?”

“If someone asks me to walk a mile … Why wouldn’t I?”

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