Something New… (hint: rhymes with “vebsite”)

photo-15Good morning.  It is Monday, and this is when I usually write a start-of-the-week reflection, but not this week.

I am sitting here in one of my local coffeeshops.  The place is Fresh Pot.  The coffee is Stumptown. The art is a great white attacking a coffee cup.  I love Portland.

Today, I want to introduce you to my NEW WEBSITE.

This last year, Aimee and I made the difficult decision to try to make my speaking/writing life and even more central portion of my career.  One essential step required improving our online presence and that included a revamped website.

Thanks to some generous folks over at Snapshot, we now have this site.

Please take a moment to tour around.  Moving forward we hope that this will be a reservoir for my creative life.  There are still a few things missing (e.g. updating the speaking calendar.)

There is some pretty “predictable” stuff like an “About” page, a “Books” page and a Blog

For something surprising, check out our new series of video shorts on unexpected questions called “Off the Highway.”

The “Speaking” page is full of information you can, please, pass along to your church or university contacts.  A new video will be added to this page in the next few days.

Please take a few minute to look around.  If you would, please pass along something you see to others.  It would be really helpful if you could leave a comment or two along the way.

Blessings and “Let the Epiphanies come.”

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  1. Tony,
    What an exciting layer to your career!
    I thoroughly enjoyed watching your “Off the Highway” video series. I believe each person that engages will benefit from the authenticity of the dialogue represented in your series.


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