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My All-Time Top-50 Movies

Okay, in light of recent posts like, “The Movies that Save Us” and “A Cathartic Post about Good Will Hunting”, I was recently challenged to list my all-time favorite movies. I took that challenge and over 20 excruciating minutes was able to formulate this comprehensive list of 50 films.  Certain super-classics like the Kristy McNichol […]

The Movies that "Save" Us

I recently wrote a blog post talking about the profound impact that the movie “Good Will Hunting’ had on me in the most difficult year of my life.  I believe it is safe to say that GWH “saved” me in some very real ways: The post was surprisingly popular, so I thought I would throw […]

Our GreenHouse is Really Coming Along

Many have been asking about our most recent building project. I promised Aimee, as a birthday present, that I would design and build her a greenhouse this year.  Well, the structure is almost done and soon we will be moving to outfit the growing systems inside. Here are a couple of photos to show you […]

Weed-Eater of the Soul

I was working in my yard this weekend. I gave up my gas mower some time ago. Did you know that a gas lawn mower puts out like four times as much pollution as a car? Yikes! My weed-eater though… I have not been able to give it up. I can’t explain it. Maybe it […]