The Cathartic Cathedral

bread_waterIf you have been around me very long, you have probably heard about my affection for the NPR show, RadioLab.  It contains masterful storytelling.

Another thing you need to know about me… we lost our young nephew to cancer three years ago.  It seems that Ransom is never far from our minds.  We miss him.

This week is the anniversary of his death.

Well, a couple days ago, I was listening to RadioLab while working on my house and the episode, “Cathedral,” came up in my NPR cue.

joel_ipadInexplicably, I found the episode cathartic.

I can see how someone would have the opposite reaction.  After all, who would ever make a video came out of tragedy and hopelessness?  That’s what I said, “Video Game.”

Do you have mourning in your life?  Experiencing loss?

Try a listen:

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  1. This probably sounds lame, but it doesn’t seem possible that Ransom died 3 years ago. Remembering him with you, kind friend. Joyous Easter to you and yours.


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