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God as Feminine and Masculine & the Use of Pronouns

With the Faith and Culture Writers Conference coming soon (and all the work we are doing to make it an incredible event for everyone), it got me thinking about writing . . . . Today on #OffTheHighway, The Shack and Cross Roads author, William Paul Young (FCWC featured speaker), addresses an issue for which he is, […]

Helping Christians Understand LGBT Related Issues w/ Michael Kimpan: My Response

Today, in my beloved Portland, Oregon, the Gay Christian Network is hosting their annual conference #GCNConf, themed “Together at the Table.” Welcome GCN to Portland. In the spirit of neighborliness, on today’s #OffTheHighway episode, Michael Kimpan, the Executive Director of the Marin Foundation, offers a library of ideas and resources for those who care enough to better understand […]

Universalism, W. Paul Young: My Response

On today’s episode of “Off the Highway”, Paul Young, author of “Cross Roads” and “The Shack” takes a few minutes to unpack a label that he is often accused of, at least some people treat it like an accusation.  And let me add, as Paul does in the video, we use accusations and labels to […]