A Moment to Think About Me

Here is new article on Christianity Today/Leadership Journal’s site111913

It is playful, but also very serious.  It has some inspiration from our dear friend and mentor, Dr. Suess.

This article is best read out loud to a friend or loved one.

Here is an excerpt:


I am tired of loving others. It is exhausting.

I am tired of “love thy neighbor.”

I am tired of “these three: faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.”

What about me? What about a little me-love?

When I imagine me-love, I imagine a place that is all about me. This place would start with a chair, perfectly molded to my body. A chair so me-oriented that it adjusts and lumbar supports. I could sit in my me-chair for hours on end in perfect comfort.

My me-love-chair would come with remotes. But these remotes would never get lost (that pisses me off). I would not even have to lean forward to grab these remotes off the coffee table. In my me-chair, the remotes would all be built-in. I would never have to move.

In my me-chair, everything around would be all about me. The stereo system would be programmed to all my me-songs and me-stations. The surround of speakers would all be modulated and pointed directly at me.

Find the rest here:  http://www.christianitytoday.com/le/2013/august-online-only/moment-to-think-about-me.html

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