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First Thoughts, Monday December 8th

Happy second week of Advent.  Last night, around the dining room table, house aglow with Christmas lights, we lit the Peace Candle together with our boyz and some of out close friends.  It was a lovely ceremony. The very essence of nativity peace is the belief in Immanuel which simply means “God with us.” In […]

"ALOOF" Stocking Stuffer Announcements Available

Even though it will not be on shelves until January 13th, If you want to give “ALOOF” as a Christmas gift, we would like to help.  If you go to Amazon, Powell’s, Barnes & Noble or Christian Book Sellers and pre-order the book, we will send you a personal stocking stuffer card, announcing that your gift will arrive in early January. After […]

Monday First Thoughts: Oct 20

Okay, so the Monday First Thoughts feature is off to a rousing start.  Okay, so I missed the second installment last week because I was in Missouri… Rats! So here are my first thoughts to start out this lovely week. First of all, autumn is here.  It is really beyond imagination.  It sneaks up on […]

Monday First Thoughts

Okay, so here is a new feature.  Each Monday morning I am going to try and list some random observations from the weekend.  It is intended to be unorthodox, unpredictable and maybe even occasionally inspiring. Here you go. I had a chance to speak at the Good Samaritan Ministries banquet on Saturday.  It was very […]

First Endorsement for ALOOF is in…

…and it is beyond lovely. These words are from my friend and “uncle”, Dr. Randy Woodley: “My friend Tony Kriz always asks courageous questions with unchartered answers. Often, Tony does not have the answers to his own questions-at least not fully, but he has a strong hunch that the answers are important to us all. […]

"ALOOF" is Here… Sort of.

Advanced Reader Copies of “ALOOF” have been printed. Even though it will not be on shelves at your local bookstore until January 13th, on a project like this one, the publisher seeks to build anticipation by printing several hundred books early and sending them to media outlets, endorsers, industry leaders and influencers in both the […]

BONUS thought on New Leadership Journal Article Titled, "Why I Gave Back My Assurance of Salvation"

Just published a new article over on Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal.  It is titled, “Why I Gave Back My Assurance of Salvation.” I have included an excerpt below: Since I was duly convinced that my “assurance” was the most important issue, there was this unexpected, subtle thing that happened inside me in response to heaven […]

We Are Funded… Favorite Videos

Our recent Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded (and then some.)  We are very thankful. We raised money so that my next book, “Aloof: Figuring Out Life With a God Who Hides,” could include a series of illustrations by award-winning illustrator, Jonathan Case. In celebration of the successful completion of that campaign, here is a […]