Monday First Thoughts

Okay, so here is a new feature.  Each Monday morning I am going to try and list some random observations from the weekend.  It is intended to be unorthodox, unpredictable and maybe even occasionally inspiring.mondaycalvinandhobbes

Here you go.

  • I had a chance to speak at the Good Samaritan Ministries banquet on Saturday.  It was very inspiring.  An African leader named Osborn also spoke and his commitment to pray for us here, while he appealed for our prayers was significant.  I spoke on the power of words with stories of people who have modeled the banquet’s theme: “Do Your Words.”
  • Phil Long also performed at the banquet.  If you are not familiar with his work, pop over here and listen to his poem, “What if it’s all poetry?”:  Also, look for his book “Cosmolyrical”
  • 10418233_10152325281262217_361951112506697102_nFamily went to the Trailblazers Fan Fest on Sunday evening.  There are few things quite as fun as having my boys get to an age where we can really share common interests. In addition to my NBA obsession, my oldest is getting to the point where he can fling a football fifty plus feet. I wasn’t very good at being a father when the boys were super young, but this season is often a ton of fun.
  • We are starting to collect endorsements for my new book “ALOOF” which will be out in January.  It is unbelievably encouraging.  I have already received the kindest of words from Randy Woodley, Frank Schaeffer and AJ Swoboda.
  • It is a slow week for me in regards to public events.  I am speaking at the Warner Pacific chapel service tomorrow (Tuesday the 7th) at 10am if you are interested.

Have a great week.

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