Jesus Dojo, Week Two

Here are a couple of the documents from our Week Two session.

The first is called “Synthesizing Chart”.  This is an handout to help you organize your study of one of the Gospels.  Remember, your goal is to make an thoughtful list of the “attributes of one who follows the Jesus-Way.”  This list will include:

  • Unique traits of the way that Jesus lived, particularly those behaviors which shocked the people of His time (with the sick, affirming the marginalized, confronting religious power structures, etc.)
  • Commands of Jesus as to how He believed a whole person would live their life (don’t hate in your heart, sell your possessions, etc.)
  • Descriptors of a virtuous life (love the Lord your God, obey my commandments, etc.)

The second document is simply a write up of our Portland context discussion.


The Jesus Dojo Abbot Team

Synthesizing chart

Portland observations-Jesus Dojo

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