My Writing Checklist

My Writing Checklistcover_1

  • How have I made myself the hero of my writings?
  • How have I made myself smarter, cooler or more “righteous” than I actually am?
  • Have I thrown anyone under the bus?
  • Have I been vindictive in any story, paragraph or phrase?
  • In what ways have I taken a cheap shot?
  • Have I killed all my beloved pets (any incongruent thoughts that I have slipped into the narrative because I LOVE it)?
  • In what ways have I used dead metaphor?
  • Have I risked in my imagery about God, the human experience or other?
  • Did I make clichés new?
  • Where have I used one sentence when I should have used two?
  • Where have I used two sentences when I should have used one?
  • Did I lead and finish with story?
  • Narrative:
    • Did I explain when I could have narrated (place all teaching within story)?
    • Did I set a scene that engages the senses/imagination?
    • Did I root the conflict emotionally?
    • Is my “rising action” satisfying?
    • Does it resolve?

3 Responses to “My Writing Checklist”

  1. Tony, this is so good. The idea of filtering and editing our work for these value-based criteria has never really occurred me. I guess I assumed that stuff would come out alright on its own. But this makes so much sense. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love editing and this is a great list with some fresh ideas.

  3. Echoing Marc, yes, indeed, a perfect tool. Thank you, sir.


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