People or Objects; and The Conduits of God's Grace

My new (and very respected) friend, Matt Mikalatos, invited me to write a guest post for his blog (his newest book, The Sword of Six Worlds is pictured here.)  It was very kind of him to ask me.  He wanted to expose his readers to my thoughts; he also wanted people to know about my new book, Neighbors and Wise Men.
The blog post is here:
The post turned out to be more “from the heart” than even I expected.  Here are a couple of short excerpts:
“…The blow sent my phone sailing untethered into the air and then crashing to the sidewalk some eight feet away.  Plastic-formed and electro-fancy pieces cracked and bounced in separate directions.”
“…Most days I walk around in a trance.  In my trance I divide the humans I pass into two categories.  Some are filed away as “people” but if I am honest, most are dismissed as “objects.”  These objects are of no more consequence than a lamppost or a mailbox, mere obstacles of inconvenience.
Then the gangly men come along.  The gangly men are the conduits of God’s grace. They rescue me from my trance.  They remind me that I am not just an object.  I am a person.”
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