Types of "faith"… Time to practice podcast

Are there types of faith? 

Does faith evolve?

Some authorities want to define faith as a light-switch which is on or off.  Some people are “of faith” and others are not.  Some people are “believers” and some are not.  I have been surprised to learn, inside of trusting relationship, where non-Christians have expressed to me real anger about being labeled as “non-believers” or not “people of faith” as they feel very strongly about their beliefs (albeit different than most Christians).

I digress…

I recently gave the following talk at a conference that dealt with issues of faith communication in the 21st century.
This conference was hosted by The Institute for the Theology of Culture, New Wine-New Wineskins (http://new-wineskins.org/).
Listen and consider how we orient ourselves toward faith, with a specific application to communicating with the other.

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