“Why Does God Hide?” with Romal Tune: My Response

f5069adeea32b1224969c240131169f5_400x400On today’s episode of #OffTheHighway, Romal Tune, author of “God’s Graffiti” answers my question, “Why do you think God hides from us?”

Romal’s entire answer is really worth a listen, but there was one moment that stopped me in my tracks.  Roman said, “For me, I think that I project my abandonment issues onto God.”


Isn’t that true for all of us?  I am so afraid of being hurt… of being rejected… of someone discovering ME and then deeming that ME as unlikable.

I think most of us live our entire lives projecting a series of false selves so that our true self is protected from being abandoned.  And if we are doing that in every other area of our life, it would only be natural to bring those habits, projections and defense mechanisms into our relationship with God as well.

“Please don’t reject me… don’t abandon me.”

Maybe one of the reasons that it seems like God keeps God’s distance from us is that God cannot be false… God has no projected version’s of God’s self.  And maybe, since God can only be true, God is looking for the TRUE-Me to engage.  If I, out of my protective cycles, only offer the false me than what truth is there for God to latch onto.

Thanks to Romal for his willingness to sit with me for a minute and talk… and not just talk but to reveal his story in such an impactful way.



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