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Graham, Campolo: Gay Marriage and Christian Volatility

Yesterday, Franklin Graham called all Christians to ban pro-LGBT friendly companies…  And Christians are rising up to protest. Today, Tony Campolo makes a public call for Christians to support Gay Marriage…  And Christians are rising up in protest. Graham.  Campolo.  Are there two names more associated with Evangelicalism in America over the last 50 years? […]

Yale Asks Me, “Why are Good Things Happening in America’s Most Secular City”

Recently the Yale Center for Faith and Culture invited me to campus to discuss secularism and the Jesus-Way.  I had a chance to share the stage with thoughtful secularists like Tom Krattenmaker (author of The Evangelicals You Don’t Know) and Chris Stedman (author of Faitheist). There were many thrilling conversations and the experience as a […]

I Spoke at Yale University

Here is one of the events from my time at Yale a few weeks back.  In this event I get to share the stage with my friend Tom Krattfnmaker, as well as Chris Stedman and Matt Croasmun. Out topic:  “Following Jesus as a Secular Progressive?”  Enjoy.

Christians Protecting Christians from Christians

Thanks to my new housemate, Matt, I learned last night that our dear brothers and sisters from Westboro Baptist would be unleashing their particular form of “protest” toward the attendees of the Gay Christian Network conference this morning here in my beloved Portland, Oregon. Well, since I try not to let sh– go down in […]

Helping Christians Understand LGBT Related Issues w/ Michael Kimpan: My Response

Today, in my beloved Portland, Oregon, the Gay Christian Network is hosting their annual conference #GCNConf, themed “Together at the Table.” Welcome GCN to Portland. In the spirit of neighborliness, on today’s #OffTheHighway episode, Michael Kimpan, the Executive Director of the Marin Foundation, offers a library of ideas and resources for those who care enough to better understand […]

First Thoughts, Monday, November 3

It is 7am. The space I am sitting in is a bourbon bar by night, but in the morning it is the most delightful little bagel shop. My coffee is a medium roast from Oblique Coffee Roasters (a small Portland boutique roastery) and my english muffin is still warm with homemade strawberry jam. I am […]