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Questions: Telling my Spiritual Stories

Telling my spiritual stories… For each of the following Gospel questions think through your personal story as tohowyoudiscovered its reality.  In other words, what is the story (process your wounds as well as the epiphanies) of how God convinced you of each conclusion’s validity in the tangible, sweaty, nitty-gritty of life.  (note: you may not […]

Life of Faith in Post-Christian Culture

Here is an audio link from a lecture I recently gave on communicating and living within Post-Christian culture as a follower ofJesus. The thoughts here flow from my recent Doctoral studies on Post-Christian culture and our ever integrating life in Portland’s inner-Eastside.

Not Joking Around

There is an old joke. It goes like this: A group of friends are hiking through the woods. They come upon a bear a ways up the path. The bear starts to charge and all the friends turn to run; all of them that is, except one.