Questions: Telling my Spiritual Stories

Telling my spiritual stories…

For each of the following Gospel questions think through your personal story as tohowyoudiscovered its reality.  In other words, what is the story (process your wounds as well as the epiphanies) of how God convinced you of each conclusion’s validity in the tangible, sweaty, nitty-gritty of life.  (note: you may not yet be “emotionally” convinced of all of the following conclusions.  That is okay.  Maybe process what wounds you have in that realm that God hasyet to heal.)

Bonus:  For each of the following, try to think of an emotional illustration from outside your life (e.g. a story that you know, film/play, a poem, a song lyric, a piece of history, etc.)

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see a selection of questions to stimulate your thinking.  You have many, many, many stories of spiritual insight and experience.

Emotional content of the gospel 2011 update

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  1. Hi Tony. I checke out the questions on your emotional content of the gospel. I see questions I could use with the high youth group. I wonder if you have types of questions to ask non believers. I’m sure it depends upon the relationship we have with the person, or the topic direction. As per your response at the question time at ETV we had with you, I know I need to know God’s word more. I think I will start there, and also compose my emotional repsonse to the Gospel.

  2. IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of tinhgs like that?


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