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Universalism, W. Paul Young: My Response

On today’s episode of “Off the Highway”, Paul Young, author of “Cross Roads” and “The Shack” takes a few minutes to unpack a label that he is often accused of, at least some people treat it like an accusation.  And let me add, as Paul does in the video, we use accusations and labels to […]

First Thoughts, Third Week of Advent

Setting: The Albina Press Coffee House Coffee: Stumptown Guatemala Finca el Injerto Sound: Penny and Sparrow’s “Struggle Pretty” View: This neighborhood mural…. “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle” -St. Francis Last evening during our Advent ceremony we were discussing the candles. Our candles dance around one another […]

First Thoughts, Monday December 8th

Happy second week of Advent.  Last night, around the dining room table, house aglow with Christmas lights, we lit the Peace Candle together with our boyz and some of out close friends.  It was a lovely ceremony. The very essence of nativity peace is the belief in Immanuel which simply means “God with us.” In […]

First Thoughts, Monday December 1st

Happy December.  Blessed Advent. Well, it is another monday morning.  I am back at my favorite table in my local bagel shop. I have my coffee in my grumpy-man-face mug. I am sitting on my sparkly gold, 50’s style vinyl booth. It is a cold morning here in Portland. Walking here, I found myself noticing all […]

#StayWokeAdent: A Guest Post by Micky Jones

(This is a guest post from my dear friend, Micky Jones. Please read and consider adding these mediations to your Advent.) Dear Friends, Advent is a time when sentimentality and spiritualization reigns. But, in more ancient forms of Christianity, Advent was more a season of penitence, not unlike Lent. Today, that call for repentance includes […]

New Article Makes Some Daring Claims About the Biblical Gospel

Just published in Christianity Today/Leadership Journal is a new article that explores the “Biblical” gospel-proclaimed. So often, when discussing the message of the gospel, Christians rely upon passages from the letters of the Apostle Paul (or others) and yet these letters are not even examples of Christians talking to non-Christians, they are instead Christians talking […]