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Rethinking Jesus' Attitude Toward People

Aimee and I are currently following the book “The Ignatian Adventure” by Kevin O’Brien.  Well, if I were being honest, Aimee is following the book and I am following Aimee as she follows the book.  It often works that way.  She is the first to see “the way” and I am running to keep up. […]

NOW AVAILABLE- Neighbors and Wise Men

I am totally amped that my new book is already available at a reduced pre-order price.  If you have not gotten a chance to, please check it out:, Barnes & Noble and Here is one comment I received just today from someone who read an Early Reader Copy of the book: “Neighbors and Wise Men is the […]

Weed-Eater of the Soul

I was working in my yard this weekend. I gave up my gas mower some time ago. Did you know that a gas lawn mower puts out like four times as much pollution as a car? Yikes! My weed-eater though… I have not been able to give it up. I can’t explain it. Maybe it […]

Losing the “right” to judge

When must I release the right (perceived) to question another’s motives? He was older than me. How much older? It is hard to say, his appearance clearly weathered by hard years. His clothes were disheveled and looked like he had had not changed in several days. Even though he weaved slightly as he walked, I […]

Imagine a life…

Imagine a life surrounded by integrated community. It may not be easy or exotic. But it would be meaningful. What picture comes to mind? It might be epitomized by a family dinner around a huge table, as luxurious in conversation as it is in food.

Entering the Jesus Dojo

We are trying something that is, quite frankly, a little risky. The Myers family and the Kriz family have committed to an experiment in the Jesus-way. It is action-based, communal spiritual formation. The Jesus Dojo was pioneered in San Francisco by my old friend Mark Scandrette and the folks of ReIMAGINE.