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Hope and Food

Have we lost the way of hope? When I say “we”, I mean we “modern, affluent, developed, able, self-actualized” folk. When I say “way”, I mean a real, rooted, dirt under the fingernails, not merely ethereal or the sort of stuff simply for a Sunday-School discussion.

When a rain barrel is more than a rain barrel

Two years ago, during one of our first forays into urban homesteading, my Father’s Day present from Aimee was permission to install our first rain-barrel. It was a romantic thought to me. “Let’s not waste the water-from-heaven gift (even though we receive it some 300 plus days a year), let’s harvest it.”

On Village

(I would love to get your thoughts on this concept.  This is becoming so important that it is starting to organize everything else.) I have been a life-long church-goer. It is one of the tremendous gifts of my life. From a wooden pew I was taught that Jesus loves the whole world. It only makes […]

Chain Store Reaction

Think Globally, Act Virtually. Back in the fall, Jared and I were working on several campaigns related to Human Trafficking (Call+Response FIlm, Community Commons). It was an eye-opening and often heart-breaking time for both of us and we know it was as well for many of you. Issues like modern slavery (the world’s 27 million […]

The place where I live

Some Months ago I attended the Restorative Listening Project’s event around the film “Northeast Passage”. The event was hosted by John Canda, among others, and gave the diverse audience of inner Northeast Portland residents a chance to explore and dialogue about gentrification. Restorative Listening is based on the principles of Restorative Justice which says that […]