Chain Store Reaction

Think Globally, Act Virtually. Back in the fall, Jared and I were working on several campaigns related to Human Trafficking (Call+Response FIlm, Community Commons). It was an eye-opening and often heart-breaking time for both of us and we know it was as well for many of you. Issues like modern slavery (the world’s 27 million most terrifying secrets) feel so overwhelming.  I was meeting a couple of weeks ago with a group of Idaho high school students who were apart of a justice club. They had come to Portland to engage issues of justice.  As we talked together, they most wanted to discuss Human Trafficking and the more and more we talked the more they realized how deep the rabbit hole goes. We concluded a simple fact:  Enlightenment is a Bitch! The question always becomes, What can I do?  I feel so small and the issues seem so big. I have a small suggestion. Visit chain store reaction.  On this site YOU can take just two minutes to send a letter to any one of 400 companies, imploring them to clean-up their supply and manufacturing lines and bring human care and justice to their companies work, both domestically and abroad. You can also read the responses of many of those companies and how they are increasingly committing to justice and accountability. Check it out. Think Globally.

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