Help Us Build a Hospital for Malnourished Infants

13770440_10153768506887217_7678064920539463761_n Hey friends,

We just got home from 2 weeks in Guatemala with Julie and Sean Hall and their family.  What a great time!!

While there, we worked with a non-profit called “God’s Child Project” (  We built a house, distributed food AND…

We learned about an incredible opportunity to rescue hundreds of sick and starving babies through Casa Jackson.

13700173_10153572334306150_232006492318611631_nHelp us finish a hospital for malnurished and sick Guatemalan children from desperately under-resourced families.

Help us raise $20,000 dollars.  Our families have committed to MATCH those gifts, equaling $40,000 to help sick and starving babies.

The Hall family and the Kriz family just returned from 2 weeks in Guatemala.  We helped build a home and got to experience the God’s Child Project (

While there, we were introduced to Casa Jackson, a one of a kind hospital for malnurished infants.  The hospital currently has beds for only 12 babies.  There are dozens and dozens of sick and starving infants waiting for beds.

13707644_10153572333851150_6702602491773154098_nA hospital with 50+ beds is waiting to be finished.  Help us finish that hospital and open its doors in a matter of weeks, if only we can complete the final funding push.

Thank you,      The Hall and Kriz families

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