No Back Spaces: Drew Marshall Show Audio

One of my new themes in life is “No Back Spaces.”  It is a movement within my public life, to say what I think, the way I think it, with less regard for the political ramifications.  It is a change of orientation to not say things in a way that will speak to the “largest percentage of the population” but instead to trust that whomever resonates with my thoughts, that is the only audience that I am “called” to.  Does that make sense?

Here is an early example.  I was asked to speak on the Drew Marshall show, a wildly popular Canadian spiritual radio show last

I reported on Facebook that I cursed during the broadcast (a real no-no of live radio) and got quite a bit of response:

Mr Marshall, started the conversation poorly.  He was late. He was underinformed about his guest.  And he began by focusing on aspects and chapters of my life that are passe and lazy.  So, when we finally got to an interesting dialogue, I chose to remove the “back space key” from my rhetoric.

In the end, Drew and I had a wonderfully spirited interaction.


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  1. Sorry we were “late”. We’re just not as wound up about time here in Canada as y’all down there. I focused on your past shadow because most Canadians only know you as that guy from Blue Like Jazz. Completely realize how passe it is, but lazy it was not. (Lazy is me having still not read that book. ) And I’m under informed about everything. It’s a spiritual gift! 🙂 Glad I eventually met with your approval. I’M INCREDIBLY INSECURE! (I don’t comment in comment sections but since you sent me the link to your comments I thought I might comment.)


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