ALOOF Conversation: Universal Question… Fresh Imagination

ALOOF is a book about “Figuring Out Life with a GOD who HIDES”

It is not a question reserved for me, or a select few.  It is a universal question.  In this video, some of my friends ponder with me the challenge and implications of living with a God who seems to hide.


Watch: Deborah Loyd, Michael Kimpan, Tim Soerens, Dr. Randy Woodley, Bob Lenz, Joshua Ryan Butler, Sean Gladding, Dr. Curt Thompson, Bryan Sirchio, Jon Huckins, Leroy Barber, Frank Schaeffer, Mae Elise Cannon, Gareth Higgins, Micky ScottBey Jones, Sarah Thebarge, Romal Tune, William P. Young and Lisa Sharon Harper.

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  1. Great teaser for this wonderful book Tony! I’m honored to be a part of this, and I’m recommending the book as widely as I can. Really wonderful piece of writing on your part. Your ability to be honest and real and faithful in a down to earth and gritty way is going to speak to countless people. Totally excited to see this book get “out there…”


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