Embracing Hurt and Loss w/ Sarah Thebarge

We live in a world of loss and hurts.  How do we accept and even embrace tragedy?  On today’s #OffTheHighway, Sarah Thebarge, author of The Invisible Girls shares some thoughts.  You can find more from Sarah at www.sarahthebarge.com.


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  1. I so treasure Sarah’s insight and wisdom and sincerity. Several of her quotes in this segment hit home: “when tragedy strikes, we get really desperate for him” and “God is good not because God makes the storm go away but because in the storm God comes closer to us than the storm could ever be” and “God’s goodness is the rock in the middle of the sea, God is our rock, God is our refuge, that is who God is, that is where God is.” Sarah is the real deal. Thank you for sharing.


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