Original Poem by William P. Young

Have you seen this inspiring original poem, composed by Wm Paul Young, author of The Shack, from his beautiful foreword in my book, Neighbors and Wise Men?

There is a gathering of friends
Who sit in smile and stories tell
Of how we live and how we die
And how we rose and how we fell

The laughter near while tears yet nearer
As inner worlds we turn to light
An offering to each the other
A love that strong resists the flight

Oh hear oh tender heart and soul
You’re not alone, you’re not alone
For in your words your story too
Is woven with a multitude
With hand in hand who fight the night
’Til all of us are safely home.

One Response to “Original Poem by William P. Young”

  1. I felt like this poem was written for me for this moment in my life.


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