Yale Asks Me, “What Does Jesus Save Us From & What Does He Save Us For?”

xK0P7eWwThe Yale Center for Faith and Culture invited me to speak last month.  It was a great thrill.  The larger topic was: how can a secularist follow Jesus and how might the church respond.

At a specific point, during one of our events, sitting beside my friend, Tom Krattfnmaker, Dr. Matthew Croasmun asked me, “Tony, what does Jesus save us from and what does he save us for?”

Jesus-savesMy answer is found here (this link is preset to this specific question in the middle of a much longer conversation): https://youtu.be/ACJk9ZSGomk?t=45m33s

If you would like to watch the entire 90 minute conversation, including remarks by renowned secularist, Chris Stedman (author of Faitheist), click below:

One Response to “Yale Asks Me, “What Does Jesus Save Us From & What Does He Save Us For?””

  1. wow, thank you so much for speaking and sharing this- it’s funny, I don’t really know how to explain my current situation- but disillusionment coupled with continuing to feel the need to find community in a hard mid-western area where space for comprehension and expression of need for questions like this from an open, honestly searching people for me is like water for someone dying of dehydration.

    thank you, again


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